Jen Psaki Snaps At Reporter

( Over the Memorial Day weekend, JBS, the world’s largest meat processing plant, fell victim to a Russian-based ransomware attack. This, just weeks after Colonial Pipeline suffered the same.

According to Bloomberg, five of JBS’s biggest beef plants in the US were forced to halt processing. With these five plants crippled, the US lost approximately 20% of its beef production capabilities.

The ransomware attack on JBS was not limited to the US. JBS Operations in Australia and Canada were also shut down.

At Wednesday’s press briefing, Fox News White House reporter Peter Doocy asked Jen Psaki why these Russian-based cyberattacks have increased since President Biden took office.

Immediately, Psaki passed off the blame from the White House to the “private sector entities” whom she says are responsible for their own cybersecurity.

What’s worse is Psaki dismissed the question itself – namely, why have these increased since Biden took office. Her only response was to dismissively reemphasize that these are “private sector entities” and she isn’t the person who should speak about why “private sector entities” are getting targeted.

Watch the exchange:

Leaving aside the unbelievably condescending tone, national security is and has always been the Federal Government’s responsibility. Cyberattacks are a threat to national security.

What’s more, it is a threat, even Joe Biden claimed was a priority for his administration.

In December 2020, President-elect Biden vowed to make cybersecurity a “top priority” of the government.

“Our adversaries should know,” Biden declared “that as president, I will not stand idly by in the face of cyber assaults on our nation.”

Psaki telling Doocy to speak to the “private sector entities” who are targets of these foreign-led cyber assaults while dismissing the notion that it is something the White House should address flies in the face of Biden’s vow. In fact, her remarks sound very much like the Biden White is standing “idly by” while “cyber assaults” occur on our nation.

President Biden was also asked about these cyberattacks as he was leaving a White House event. As he walked away from the podium he mumbled that they were “looking closely into that issue.”

Hopefully Jen Psaki’s condescending response isn’t an example of how the White House is “looking closely into that issue.”

And from the look of confusion on his face, it isn’t even clear if President Biden knows what “Russian ransomware attack” the reporter was asking about.

Biden was then directly asked if he thought Putin was testing him.

And, with much the same dismissive attitude as his press secretary, Biden said “No” with a chuckle.

Watch that exchange: