15-Year-Old Jailed For Life in Fatal Stabbing of Teenager

CCTV evidence shows that 15-year-old Alfie Lewis was pursued by a teenage murderer named Barria Shojaeifard last year before he was fatally stabbed outside a school in Horsforth, Leeds. The knife was concealed, and Shojaeifard carried it “all day” as part of his nefarious scheme to attack Alfie after school let out.

At around 3 p.m. on November 7, the tragedy occurred “in full view” of shocked students at the intersection of Church Road and Church Lane.

West Yorkshire Police has revealed new CCTV footage that demonstrates how Shojaeifard followed Alfie throughout the neighborhood. Alfie was en route to rendezvous with companions from Horsforth School, his former school. Footage from the video shows Shojaeifard holding the big knife and sprinting across the open streets during the day.

After Bardia Shojaeifard’s trial at Leeds Crown Court ended on May 3, a jury returned a unanimous conviction. He was handed a life sentence today, with a 13-year minimum. 

Detective Chief Inspector Stacey Atkinson, Senior Investigating Officer, stated that Shojaeifard killed Alfie in a calculated and planned act of brutal violence, for which there is no defense or explanation. He has the rest of his life to consider how much his violent acts have hurt Alfie’s family and how much misery they have given them.

Witnesses described to the court how Shojaeifard approached his victim and, without warning, carried out the vicious attack. They remembered seeing Alfie retreat when Shojaeifard approached him, uttering phrases like “chill out” and “What are you doing?” The boy suffered two knife wounds, one in the leg and one in the chest, the chest wound fatally entering his heart and catastrophically piercing it.

About an hour later, police took Shojaeifard into custody at his house. The knife, which Shojaeifard had taken from his kitchen and kept hidden on him during the school day, was later discovered to contain Alfie’s blood. Additionally, his DNA was found on his killer’s clothes.

Alfie’s family was praised for their “impeccable” behavior during the complex yet emotional trial, and they were seen in the public gallery wearing ‘Forever 15’ t-shirts.