168,000 Ballots Missing In Chain Of Custody, Report Finds

(RepublicanInformer.com)- In May it was learned that Fulton County election officials had still not fulfilled a public records request for chain of custody documents for absentee ballots dropped in drop boxes. By mid -June, election officials acknowledged that those chain of custody documents were missing.

Likewise, it was learned that in Cobb County, approximately 89,000 ballots were missing chain of custody documentation.

However, according to the Gateway Pundit, Georgia gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor is alleging that there is evidence of chain of custody problems for 168,000 ballots in Cobb County alone.

Taylor alleges that an auditing team examining the tabulator tapes for mail-in voting found discrepancies that she claims prove that the tabulations were all produced by the same machines only minutes apart.

When asked about the discrepancies, Taylor claims the election director told auditors that she decided to remove the original memory cards that contained the vote totals from the scanners. These cards were then brought back to her office and inserted in different machines.

Taylor alleges that this election director “effectively cast the voters’ ballots in a different machine and in a different location” from where the vote was originally cast, thereby breaking the chain of custody. According to Taylor’s press release, this effected 168,922 early votes.

Taylor believes this is enough evidence to justify a full forensic audit of the vote. However, neither the Gateway Pundit report nor the press release from Kandiss Taylor identify who noticed the discrepancy, who this election director is. Nor is any verification of the allegations provided in the report.

Taylor, who made a long-shot play for the Senate in 2020, announced her she would primary Republican Governor Brian Kemp back in January. She appears to be running on a platform of demanding a full forensic audit of the 2020 Georgia election results.

Former Democrat Vernon Jones who served in the Georgia House, announced his primary challenge to Kemp in April.

Jones, an America First politician and ally of Donald Trump, has vowed to overhaul the election system in Georgia to prevent election fraud. Like Taylor, Jones believes that Kemp failed to secure the 2020 elections.

At this time, the Georgia legislature does not have plans to conduct a full forensic audit in the state.