2019’s Worst Five Senators With Bad Attendance/Voting Records

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Senators are elected member of the United States Senate, which is the upper chamber of Congress. Senators are responsible for taking part in daily sessions, debates, and voting, with the intention of passing or stopping new laws.

Attendance, therefore, is very important. Some senators, however, feel so confident in their support from voters that they do not attend regularly and do not vote on matters as often as they perhaps should.

Every year the voting records of senators are released, so let’s take a look at 2019’s worst five senators on the basis of voting and attendance.

#5 Senator Amy Klobuchar

Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar is the fifth-worst when it comes to voting and attendance, having been absent 39.3% of the time. Klobuchar is a lawyer and a senator who also ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2019. Perhaps her campaign is one of the reasons why she never turned up so much…which is a theme we’ll see throughout this piece.

#4 Senator Elizabeth Warren

Senator Elizabeth Warren, a former law professor and a senator since 2013, also ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2019, eventually conceding and throwing her support behind Joe Biden. Warren’s report card for 2019 shows her with 53.7% absence from senate votes, meaning she spent a majority of her time not doing her job.

#3 Senator Kamala Harris

This is a name you should definitely know! Senator Kamala Harris was chosen by Joe Biden to be his running mate in the 2020 election, and her voting and attendance record shows her being absent 61.9% of the time. That’s more than half, meaning she spent most of her time in 2019 not doing her job.

#2 Senator Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, or Bernard Sanders, is an independent senator from Vermont. He also ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2019 – and back in 2016, too – and spent 63.3% of his time away from doing his duty I the senate in 2019.

Sanders was at one point the frontrunner in the race to become nominee, so his absence from the senate is particularly interesting.

#1 Senator Cory Brooker

Democratic Senator from New Jersey, Cory Brooker, tops the list with a 64.7% absence for 2019. You may have never heard from him, but he also ran for president and eventually conceded in January 2020. It was short-lived, but perhaps the reason he spent so much time away from the senate was that he was working hard for people to notice him,