40% Water Price Hike in San Diego Rattles Residents

As the summer season of 2024 continues to unfold, most Americans are likely focused on enjoying the leisurely seasonal festivities that are common during this time period every year. Activities like beach going, boating, swimming, hiking, camping, and thrill Park excursions are all common things. In reality though, while many people are likely trying to live a life of pleasure and joviality things within the country are far from tranquil. This calendar year is an election year and thus far the nation’s political climate is quite volatile and turbulent. Both parties, Republicans and Democrats continue to quarrel incessantly with one another over core foundational principles that have long been defined in the United states. It appears the country is at a serious crossroads, and the major nominees for both parties for this year’s presidential contest, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are both figures that are divisive and not unifying. This is likely to ensure that political quarreling will continue into the visible future. 

Trump and Biden are currently locked in a dead heat. One major issue that will likely have a major impact on the election is that of the economy and inflation. Rampant inflation has crossed the American consumer and working class for a long period of time during the last several years under Biden’s presidency. It’s estimated that 60% of the country survives on a week-to-week basis. People are struggling to make ends meet and basic necessities have sharply risen in cost.

Some states are in better financial shape than others. One state that is in a horrendous situation is that of California, western, far left state that has been economically crippled by progressive policies. Residents in the county of San Diego are up in arms over a 40% projected price increase in the cost of water and utilities. Politicians have pointed to increased financial costs and larger budgets as the reason for this. Residents are rightfully disturbed.