A New UFO Report Emerges After Years Of Study

It was the size of a football field, and it was huge. The object was whirling around counterclockwise as its hues changed. It buzzed like a transformer or a guitar amp and could be heard clearly. It was shaped octagonally and had a pyramid on top, which was black.

UFO claims have been coming in thick and fast ever since a “whistleblower” claimed to have handed over information to Congress.

Michael Herrera, a veteran of the Marine Corps who served for four years, has entered the picture with his story.

In April, Herrera appeared before a Senate committee and gave sworn testimony to the federal agency tasked with investigating UFO sightings, the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO).

After the 2009 Sumatra earthquake and tsunami devastated Indonesia, Herrera, then a 20-year-old rifleman, saw something that he’s stayed quiet about for 14 years. Now he’s ready to share his experience because there is whistleblower protection.

The former Marine claims that he and five other people saw the loading of weaponry onto a flying, octagonal-shaped saucer. Unidentified U.S. soldiers threatened them with guns once they were discovered.

He said something was spinning and whirling in front of his eyes. He explained that its color was morphing from a very light grey to dark black and was matte in sheen. 

Scales were covering the whole outside of the ship. It was rough all around. Some of the vertical edge panels were a super-black color called “Vantablack,” which blocks out almost all visible light, Herrera said.

Herrera stated that his team conducted an investigation and that he recorded some of it with his camera. 

He provided no images, but he did share contemporaneous text messages with another witness who saw the event but has since decided not to testify because it was “not worth his life or jeopardizing his family.”

Another whistleblower, David Charles Grusch, claims to have given Congress reams of classified material concerning clandestine U.S. government operations that now hold a complete craft of “non-human origin.”

The stories are hardly believable. But Senator Marco Rubio, who has heard testimony from many whistleblowers, says these are high-credentialed serious people coming forward.