Abbott Stands Firm On Border Despite Biden’s Warnings

Texas Governor Greg Abbott last week announced that the state would not only continue to secure the southern border, despite the Biden administration’s objections but would also further expand its efforts, KBTX reported.

The governor held a press conference in Eagle Pass’ Shelby Park last Thursday joined by 22 members of the Texas state House where he announced that he was working to increase the number of troops along the border and installing more razor wire and barriers to bar entry from Mexico.

He said the state’s efforts to stop illegal border crossings in Eagle Pass were working and there would be no reason the same efforts would not work elsewhere along the border.

CBS News reported on Thursday that the flow of illegal aliens has fallen sharply along the Texas/Mexico border, with so-called migrants shifting away from the state to cross the border in Arizona and California.

The drop in crossings was especially sharp in the Del Rio sector, which includes Eagle Pass.

The Republican governor told reporters that the number of illegals crossing at Eagle Pass went from thousands a day to an average of fewer than ten since Shelby Park was taken over by the Texas National Guard. Abbott said the drop is proof that the state’s deterrence measures could “achieve results.”

Abbott said it was Texas that was “enforcing laws passed by Congress” while the president “is breaking those laws.” He said Texas looked forward “to our day in court” where it could show the American people how President Biden has been “violating the laws that are on the books by Congress right now.”

Abbott said the state’s success in reducing illegal border crossings was due to the teamwork of the various state departments. According to the governor, the Texas Department of Public Safety had made over 39,000 criminal arrests and apprehended over 480,000 illegals while deterring over 95,000 illegal entries.