Actress Takes A Stand Against AI

Actress Justine Bateman, of “Family Ties” fame, claimed that artificial intelligence technology would harm the entertainment industry.

She said she doesn’t think artificial intelligence has a place in Hollywood. She believes technology should help resolve human issues and problems. Using ChatGPT screenwriting or any other AI-based program in lieu of a writer is a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist. She said, astutely, there is no shortage of writers in Hollywood. Actors are plentiful. There is no shortage of brilliant individuals.

Bateman is correct.

But, her remarks were made during the Writers Guild of America strike, which is still going on and has caused several projects, live performances, award ceremonies, and the whole industry to halt. They identified AI legislation as one of their concerns.

If the problem is content providers going on strike, AI is the solution.

The usage of AI, according to Bateman, makes her sad because it feels like it’s getting away from being human. 

She noted that society has been doing much of that–  aesthetic surgery, filters, using Zoom rather than in person. The worst thing to her is that artificial intelligence might ever replace human expression.

According to Bateman, the use of AI in Hollywood is motivated by something evil.

She remarked that large sums of money are made from people’s work. Extraordinary revenues are generated through people’s labor. But if you’re evil, one can imagine how much you can make if you bypass humans to churn out your project.

That is the path we are on, she declared.

Bateman mentioned the most recent “Indiana Jones” film, in which Harrison Ford appeared much younger owing to AI. She said that Ford, who is 80, doesn’t move like a 30-year-old, so the result wasn’t believable. 

Regarding her thoughts about AI, Bateman remarked, “I would want nothing more than to be completely incorrect about this.”