Ad Campaign Caught Telling Facebook Employees To Secretly Block Trump

( A full page ad in the San Jose Mercury News, paid for by more than 30 activist groups, attacked Facebook over its announcement that the current suspension of Donald Trump would remain in place for at least two years.

The ad specifically targeting Facebook employees, demanded that Donald Trump be banned from the social media platform forever.

The group also has a website called The site includes a sub-header reading “Our democracy depends on it.”

The full page ad featured a letter signed by such radical left groups as Media Matters, Black Lives Matter Global Network, as well as Accountable Tech, the Anti-Defamation League, and a group called Awaaz.

In the letter directed to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg the KeepTrumpOffFacebook ad called Facebook’s decision to leave the door open to a Trump return “unconscionable.”

It also claimed Facebook would be handing Trump “the megaphone through which he incited an insurrection.”

The full page ad is part of a six-figure campaign launched by Media Matters and Accountable Tech which includes digital ads, as well as billboard and truck banners placed near Facebook’s corporate offices.

Another ad from the group features a quote allegedly from a Facebook employee whom, according to a Buzzfeed story, said “Two years for a coup, not bad.”

A “coup.”

So much for “truth in advertising.”

On ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, Nick Clegg, Facebook VP of global affairs, discussed the decision to keep Trump’s suspension in place for two years. Claiming Facebook’s job isn’t to make decisions based on which side of the political debate agrees or disagrees, Clegg explained that Facebook is instead trying to do what is “fair, transparent and proportionate.”

Or, in this case, to help advance the narrative the President Donald Trump attempted to “overthrow democracy” by “inciting an insurrection” of random selfie-snapping grandmas in MAGA hats.

Facebook suspended Donald Trump the day after the January 6 melee at the Capitol. Last month, Facebook’s Oversight Board upheld the decision to suspend the sitting President of the United States, but added that an indefinite suspension was not appropriate.