Adam Kinzinger Calls Tucker Carlson A “Russian Asset” Over Fake Quote

( Last week on Twitter, the odious NeverTrumper Joe Walsh posted a fabricated quote purportedly from Fox News host Tucker Carlson. In no time, leftist media types, Democrats, and that gullible fool Adam Kinzinger fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

In Walsh’s fake quote “Tucker” allegedly asks if the bodies of dead and tortured civilians in Ukraine were staged or if they were killed by Ukrainian forces and blamed on Russia. In the fake quote “Tucker” points out that he’s not saying that happened; he’s only asking questions.

But dopes who believe every lie smearing conservatives quickly fell for Walsh’s fake quote — from Joy Reid to CNN contributor Wajahat Ali to impeachment prosecutor Daniel Goldman to former Obama deputy chief of staff Alyssa Mastromonaco.

And, of course, the weepy Adam Kinzinger.

An indignant Kinzinger quote-tweeted Walsh’s fake quote, accusing Tucker Carlson of being a Russian asset.

In his sarcastic tweet, Kinzinger mimicked Walsh’s faked quote, asking if Tucker is not a Russian asset, he should be. Then he closed his idiotic tweet by claiming he’s just asking questions.

While many of his gullible anti-Trump fans fell for the faked quote, some people tried to point out to Kinzinger that Walsh’s supposed “quote” was fabricated. Despite that, the slack-jawed idiot still hasn’t deleted his tweet.

Then again, Adam Kinzinger isn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier. Keep in mind, he also fell for a fake story about the Ukrainian fighter pilot called “The Ghost of Kiev.”

Joe Walsh late admitted that the “quote” was fabricated and explained that he was “predicting” what he thought Tucker Carlson would say on his show Monday night. Of course, he didn’t point that out in his tweet most likely because he wanted people to fall for it. He also has not deleted his faked quote.

And while Twitter pretends that it will remove “misinformation,” the platform took no action against Walsh for peddling lies.

Tucker Carlson addressed the fabricated quote on his show last week: