AI Being Deployed To Hunt Down Terrorists

Artificial Intelligence has dominated the news recently. Israel is examining how it might take advantage of this advancing technology.

The Middle East nation’s Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are considering using Artificial Intelligence in their military operations. Israel has been looking at AI as well. 

Using Artificial Intelligence on the battlefield concerns some researchers about the risks involved. Information provided by AI might not be as accurate as other more conventional methods. 

The world was introduced to the IDF during the 1972 Munich Summer Olympics in West Germany. An organization, Black September, took 11 Israeli athletes and coaches hostage killing them all when German police tried to free the hostages. In the following years, the IDF hunted down and killed all the players and executors of the Munich attack. 

In its initial use of AI, the IDF identified 200 targets using digital methods in an operation in 2021 and located two terrorist Hamas commanders. Israeli officials said it would have taken a year or more to extract the same information previously. 

Israeli researchers use a variety of methods available to them with Ai, such as selecting subgroups, examining their connections, evaluate the results along with feedback from their intelligence community to improve the AI algorithm to locate potential targets. 

Israel Defense Forces located a Hamas missile commander along with an anti-tank unit during the 2021 Gaza War using digital means. The systems used showed major advancements and were updated at least 150 times over ten days during the conflict.

Despite these successes, there are still some concerns about the use of AI. Researchers do not completely understand the accuracy and the methods AI uses for its conclusions. There is also a fear that private military partners might misuse these tools. 

While the need for intelligence is vital to the ongoing West Bank unrest, Israeli officials hope they can use this technology against its longtime nemesis — Iran. 

Israel is aware that this same technology can be used against them by their enemies, so keeping their technology current is of vital importance.