AI Company In Turmoil After Ousting And Reinviting CEO

OpenAI formally announced on Tuesday that the company rehired Sam Altman as CEO just twelve days after he was fired, CNN reported.

Altman agreed last week to return to the company just days after his unexpected ouster sparked a revolt among a majority of OpenAI’s 800 employees who threatened to quit if he and former OpenAI Chairman Greg Brockman were not reinstated.

OpenAI also revealed its new board which includes former Salesforce co-CEO Bret Taylor as Chairman. The company described the new board as “initial,” suggesting that it will include additional directors moving forward.

In a post on OpenAI’s blog, Altman thanked the previous board for their service to the company, despite the previous board firing him. Altman also reinstated Chief Technology Officer Mira Murati who was named interim CEO for about a day until the company named Twitch CEO Emmett Shear as Altman’s replacement, a position Shear held for less than a week before Altman returned.

Among those threatening to quit if Altman was not reinstated with former board member, OpenAI Chief Scientist Ilya Sutskevr, who joined the rest of the board in ousting Altman in the first place. Sustkever later apologized for helping to oust Altman.

However, Sustkever’s future at OpenAI is uncertain as his name was excluded from Altman’s leadership team.

In his blog post, Altman expressed “love and respect” for Sustkever whom he described as a “guiding light” in the field of artificial intelligence and “a gem of a human being.” Altman insisted that he bore no “ill will” toward Sustkever and said while he would no longer serve on the company’s board, he is discussing with Sustkever “how he can continue his work at OpenAI.

Altman also praised Greg Brockman who will be returning to OpenAI as well after previously quitting. He described himself and Brockman as “partners in running this company.”