Alec Baldwin Releases Disturbing Stickman Drawing To The Public

( Alec and Hilaria Baldwin are the most over-exposed couple since Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. At some point perhaps the media will grow tired of them and stop shoving them into the faces of the public.

But until then, here’s yet another pointless story about Hilaria and Alec Baldwin.

Hilaria, whose only claim to fame is faking her Spanish heritage and posting garbage on Instagram, posted some more garbage to Instagram last Wednesday.

The “Instagram story” Hilaria posted included a series of screenshots of videos including a sparkly tour video of her shoe closet as well as several photos and videos of her family.

An “Instagram story” for those of you who couldn’t care less is a post that only remains online for 24-hours before expiring like a cinematographer on a movie set.

Tucked away in Hilaria’s “Instagram story” were two photos of her husband Alec standing in front of a wood-paneled wall holding up stick-figure drawings. The first drawing showed a frowning man saying, “Hello!” and a bikini-clad woman saying “May I help you?” The second drawing featured a man lying on the ground with the talk bubble, “Oh, God. Please help me. I’m dying,” and a woman responding “Do I know you?”

To accompany these two pictures, Hilaria included the captions, “ALEC AND HIS DRAWINGS OF HIM AND ME” and “NOT DRAMATIC AT ALL…”

Reporter Emily Miller discovered Hilaria’s Instagram post and shared one of the screenshots of Alec’s stick-figure drawing to Twitter, asking if Baldwin was taunting the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office.

No, he wasn’t taunting anybody. Hilaria is just an unbelievable tone-deaf, self-absorbed narcissist.

If only Alec’s lawyer would advise him and his clueless bride to stop talking, stop using social media, stop posting self-pitying videos, just stop.

If only the media would stop writing stories about these two. If you deprive them of attention, they’ll go away.