Alex Jones Discusses AI And Genetic Engineering in Best-Selling Book

( Despite a continual stream of recent headlines about litigation pursuing him that cast the troubled radio and TV personality in a bad light, Alex Jones’s new book “The Great Reset” has made it to multiple top-selling lists.

The book came out on August 30.

According to Tony Lyons, the CEO of Skyhorse, the publisher of “The Great Reset,” it debuted at #2 in The Wall Street Journal during its first week, at #10 in USA Today, and at #2 in Publishers Weekly.

A 95 percent five-star rating and almost 2,000 reviews made the book the top selling in Communication and Media Studies on Amazon as of October 10.

The book wasn’t included among the top sellers in the New York Times.

“The Great Reset” is not just a term made famous by the head of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab; according to Jones, it is the massive, long-term strategy of extremely powerful corporate combines to destroy all of the current systems and cultures and then build a technocracy on top of their ashes, with the ultimate goals of depopulation and transhumanism.

He asserts that these business conglomerates are attempting to establish a brand-new “corporate empire” that would rule over all facets of society, including politics, business, university, medicine, and even religion.

Jones claims he wrote “The Great Reset: And the War for the World” because he wanted everyone everywhere to realize it was the same as “the plans to the Death Star,” not just in America.

He observes that globalist elites publicly discuss and write about their ideas for a world government that is anti-human, anti-freedom, anti-family, anti-god, and pro-free market.

The globalists’ violent takeover of not just business, agriculture, and the nation’s infrastructure but also human brains and bodies, and eventually (in their endgame) all life on Earth, is known as the “Great Reset.”

Jones was banned from key online sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, Apple, and Spotify, in 2018 after being accused of breaking their rules. According to Lyons, the First Amendment protects all viewpoints, including those you find objectionable and desire to oppose with all of your might.

“The Great Reset” has sold 130,346 units worldwide as of September 29, according to a senior employee of Simon & Schuster.