Alice Cooper Cancelled By Cosmetics Group For Defying Woke

After Alice Cooper’s interview with Stereogum, in which he criticized transgenderism as a “fad,” became public last week, Vampyre Cosmetics decided to sever ties with the rock legend.

In a statement released on Friday, due to Alice Cooper’s recent comments, Vampyre Cosmetics decided to end the makeup partnership because they claimed to support the rights of the LGBTQIA+ to have equal healthcare access. The business promised to refund all pre-order purchases. Vampyre’s website no longer features any products that were in conjunction with the relationship.

According to the site, preorders for the collection began on August 14, and it featured microphone-styled lipsticks,” guitar-shaped beauty palettes, and Whiplash mascara, all of which were inspired by Cooper’s style.

The Vampyre company claims to be women-owned, disabled, and LGBT+.
They claim that gender is a social construction. Several X users reported Vampyre’s account missing once Cooper’s line was severed.

Reports show the makeup company Vampyre Cosmetics deleted their Twitter after receiving criticism for terminating their planned partnership with Alice Cooper, according to a post written by detransitioner and “Gender Madness” author Oli London.

Cooper, known for his flashy performances and theatrical makeup, fought against “woke” ideology in various ways during his interview with Stereogum, raising concerns about gender-affirming treatment for children and permitting biological men to use women’s restrooms.

Cooper explained that figuring out whether you’re a male or a girl should come as an adult after you’ve developed a sense of your sexuality. If you have specific genitalia, it stands to reason that you are male. You’re definitely a female if you have the other type of genitalia.

The key distinction here is that if you are a male and prefer a feminine identity and if you are interested, you can do it whenever you like as an adult. However, you cannot be a male and claim to be born a woman.