Amazon Workers Attempts to Shoot Boss Point Blank, Misses

An Ohio Amazon employee reportedly tried to shoot his boss at point-blank range but failed.

Police in Ohio shot and killed an Amazon security guard after he tried to assassinate his supervisor.  Security video shows that 22-year-old Ali Hamsa Yusuf attempted to murder his boss at point-blank range when he brought his gun to work.

The shooting at the West Jefferson warehouse happened before 5 p.m. on Sunday, May 19th, and was caught on camera, according to police who spoke at a press conference on Monday.

According to the video, Yusuf drew the weapon and apparently tried to shoot his boss, but the weapon jammed. When Yusuf fixed the problem, he shot again but thankfully missed his target. As the video showed, his supervisor falls to the ground and rushes away to defend himself, while Yusuf, looking terrified, bolts away from the area.

After quickly fleeing the premises, detectives in Madison County eventually found Yusuf in Columbus later on Sunday. Shortly after, officers from both Columbus and Franklin Township attempted to pull him over. In response, Yusuf got out of the car and opened fire on one of the officers, who, according to investigators, was wounded by a bullet but escaped unharmed because of his bulletproof vest.

As other police officers opened fire on Yusuf, he attempted to flee, but he was taken down by, perhaps, just one bullet. He was transported to a hospital, but doctors there subsequently declared him dead. The four-year veteran Columbus officer was treated for minor wounds and discharged late Sunday from the hospital.

As far as the police were concerned, Yusuf had no business being on duty with a firearm. Why he attempted to shoot his boss is likewise a mystery. The officials also said that Yusuf had no record of criminal activity.