“American Pie” Singer Cancels NRA Performance

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Don McLean, the singer of “American Pie,” has canceled his appearance at the National Rifle Association (NRA) meeting in Houston on Friday in response to the school massacre in Uvalde, Texas, which killed 19 students and two instructors.

In a statement to Fox News, McLean claimed that his upcoming performance would be “disrespectful” and “hurtful” in the light of the tragedy.

The singer said that In light of recent events in Texas, he has decided that performing for the NRA at their convention in Houston this week would be disrespectful and harmful. He said that he is sure that these occurrences have surprised and disgusted everyone who planned to attend. We are, after all, all Americans.

“I join the rest of the country in mourning this horrible, brutal loss,” he added.

A few performers, including McLean, have stated that they will not appear at the conference this coming weekend. In reaction to the massacre at Robb Elementary School, country artists Lee Greenwood and Larry Gatlin and member Larry Stewart of the country band Restless Heart announced on Thursday that they were withdrawing from the competition.

Daniel Defense, the company that produced the weapon used by Ramos in Tuesday’s slaughter, appears to have also withdrawn from the NRA convention. Daniel Defense is no longer listed as an exhibitor by the NRA among the hundreds of other gunmakers, taxidermists, and manufacturers of weapon parts and accessories that will be present in the convention hall. The booth formerly associated with Daniel Defense is now just identified as “the NRA.”

In a statement released on Wednesday, the NRA called the shooting a “horrific and despicable act.”

The group said that while an investigation is ongoing and information is still surfacing, they know that this was the act of a lone, insane criminal.
“As we assemble in Houston, we will reflect on these atrocities, pray for the victims, honor our patriots, and promise to redouble our efforts to defend our schools,” the NRA stated.