Americans Against Bernie Sanders’ Evil Plan, Poll Finds

( A new poll from The Hill and HarrisX just revealed that voters are pretty split on whether they would support socialist Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ resolution to stop the sale of some $735 million worth of weapons to Israel.

The poll comes as Hamas, the terrorist organization that controls Gaza, agreed to a cease-fire with Israel after launching thousands of rockets at the Jewish state over a period of weeks.

Some 51% of registered voters in a survey taken between May 21 and 23 say that they would oppose the resolution, while some 49% of respondents said that they would support the banning of the sale of weapons to Israel.

It’s a shocking statistic, and one that reveals just how much of the American population has been fooled by the false narrative from the Democrats that Israel is an aggressor who fires weapons unprovoked at Palestine. The truth is quite the opposite.

The poll also found that 53% of Republican voters would opposite the resolution, and 51% of Independents would also oppose it. That means there is a majority – albeit, a slim majority – of Republicans and Independents who remain firmly on Israel’s side in this conflict, with Democrats forming a majority of those who oppose siding with the Jewish state.

Far-left Senator Bernie Sanders introduced a resolution last week to block the sales of arms to Israel, but it is not really expected to go anywhere. Despite the narrative put forward by Sanders and other far-left members of Congress like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, most of America’s elected officials remain supportive of the state of Israel.

Even President Biden told the Squad this month that his party still supports Israel.

The Democrats might be on Israel’s side for now, but that 49% of the American public will likely soon have more of an impact on how politicians look at this issue, and the news this week that over 500 Biden campaign staffers are urging the president to “hold Israel accountable” could indicate a disturbing lurch towards supporting militant Islamic extremists and terrorists.

Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.