Andrew Cuomo “Groping” Accuser Steps Forward

( According to the Daily Mail, a New York State employee who claimed that former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo grabbed her backside during a public event has told state investigators that the incident left her feeling “shocked” and “small.”

A transcript was released by the New York state attorney general last week, in which the woman explained that Cuomo grabbed her during a Hudson River revitalization event that was held on September 14, 2019.

So we’re not talking decades ago here. We’re talking just over two years ago that Andrew Cuomo was (allegedly) grabbing women inappropriately.

The woman described in the transcript how Cuomo grabbed her arm to pull her into the shot for the photograph before he “took his hand and double-tapped the area where [her] butt and [her] thigh meet.”

“So, kind of under my butt cheek,” the woman explained.

The female employee said that she felt “really shocked.”

“I felt much like smaller and almost younger than I actually am because kind of the funny part of it all is I was making this project happen,” she explained.

Cuomo was eventually forced to resign as he faced impeachment following the conclusion of an investigation by Attorney General Letitia James which confirmed the claims made by this female employee and several other women going back years.

Cuomo was also charged in October with forcible touching.

You can read the recently released transcript here.