Andrew Cuomo Wasted Whopping $106 Million Of Taxpayer Money On Cancelled Project

( Disgraced New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has just been found by an independent investigation by the Attorney General to have sexually harassed multiple women, is suffering yet another scandal – and this time, it’s about how he spent $106 million on a plan to install multicolored lights onto state-run bridges in New York City.

According to a report by Politico on Monday, Governor Cuomo supported the “Harbor of Lights” plan that would attach multicolored lights on bridges and monuments to create a “spectacular light exhibition.”

Aren’t there better ways this maniac could be spending millions of dollars of tax money?

The project dates back to Mother’s Day 2017, when it was unveiled on the Kosciuszko Bridge, which linked Queens and Brooklyn. It quickly became the focus of critics who asked why the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which is the state-run agency that owns and operates the bridges, was spending so much money on projects that could simply be described as optics. Instead, that money could be spent on improving the service and reducing the number of delays on the subway.

But that’s the Cuomos for you. All about style and not much in the way of substance…

The project was eventually stopped, but that didn’t mean money wasn’t wasted. Politico revealed that some $106 million was spent on the project, including $37 million on the LED lights alone. Lights that are still sitting in a warehouse somewhere.

It was such a bad idea that even Democrats criticized Cuomo over the scheme, with Democrat state Senator Liz Krueger, who chairs the Senate Finance Committee, saying that it’s terrible the money was spent but that she’s happy the project didn’t go ahead.

And this guy was seriously being encouraged by Democrats to enter last year’s presidential race…