Angry Protestors Threaten To Go After School Officials After Unwarranted Mandates

( Last week during a public meeting on possible mask mandates, the Williamson County School Board in Franklin, Tennessee got more than it bargained for when irate parents, led by sports commentator Clay Travis and conservative host Matt Walsh, turned up to let them know exactly how they felt about forcing children behind masks.

Travis gave a barn-burner speech arguing that masking children in schools makes “zero sense.” Laying out the odds of death by COVID at one in a million chance, Travis pointed out that children are more likely to get struck by lightning than die of COVID-19.

He also pointed out that children are at a far greater risk from the seasonal flu, but the school board has never required that children mask up during flu season.

Then the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh stepped up and accused the school board of child abuse for forcing children into masks.

It all ended up being fruitless, however. The school board voted to temporarily require masking.

And after the meeting ended, the angry parents waiting outside confronted “medical professionals” who had testified in favor of masking. One parent told them “We know who you are. You can leave freely, but we will find you.”

Naturally the video was widely viewed on Twitter – with most people horrified by the angry parents. But when those in authority refuse to listen to the people, those people are only going to be polite about it for so long.

After the damage done to children since the start of this pandemic — with reckless isolation due to school closures — parents have reason to be angry. Their concerns are falling on deaf ears as those who should be accountable to voters are not listening to voters.

There is only so much of this Americans are willing to endure.

America has reached a boiling point courtesy of those in charge. Nobody should be surprised when tempers boil over.

But that won’t stop the media from portraying frustrated, understandably angry parents as the monsters in this scenario.