Antifa Works With Yelp To Blacklist Pro-Police Businesses

( Following the announcement by online review service Yelp that businesses accused of “racist behavior” would be labeled as such online, an extremist Antifa group has begun compiling a list of businesses that stand opposed to Black Lives Matter and support the police.

It could potentially cause major headaches for small and medium-sized businesses all over the country, putting a target on the backs of business owners who don’t subscribe to the far-left and racist views of Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Andy Ngo, a reporter for the Post Millennial, reported how an Antifa group who was responsible for some of the violent protests taking place in Portland have begun compiling a list of businesses they deem problematic, with a view to having them labeled as such on Yelp.

“We’re trying to compile a list of all non-friendly businesses in PDX,” the group tweeted. “AKA any company that’s hanging blue lives garbage in their store or anything else that’s anti the BLM movement.”

The group encouraged people to help them compile the list of companies that support the police in the face of overwhelming violence from far-left agitators and Democrat voters.

One business in Portland, a cannabis store, was recently targeted by far-left extremists. Portland Sound Bloc made “Brothers Cannabis” a target by complaining on October 8 that “pro-cop sh*t” was seen in the windows of the store.

The business responded to the Tweet by explaining how they were “one of the few minority owned businesses with mostly minority employees.”

“What Pro-cop thing are you talking about? Are you referring to this Portland police alarm permit we are required to display since day one?” the business asked on Twitter.

It proves just how insane the accusations can be, not just because they can easily be wrong – as they were in this instance – but because the definition of “racist” has been interpreted in such a twisted way by Antifa activists.

Does Yelp really think that working with far-left extremists is good for anybody?