AOC Backs Bailout For New York’s Cheap Labor Economy

A report reveals Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) claims that the city’s growing population of 100,000 low-wage illegal migrants, whom city authorities have welcomed, should be allowed to take the employment and homes required by New Yorker citizens.

With her pro-globalist stance, she has joined an exclusive club of 120 New York City millionaires and billionaires who are in favor of immigration.

Blackrock investment company, Goldman Sachs, the city’s real estate corporations, and many other businesses benefit from the influx of low-wage, obedient migrants.

In a letter sent to the White House and Congress on August 28, the organization argued that there is a clear need for faster processing of asylum petitions and work permits for illegal aliens who fulfill federal eligibility conditions.

The elite signatories are aware that the tsunami of migrants they encouraged is displacing many low-income Americans and will cost the city $12 billion over three years, undermining the government.

Many popular expenditure initiatives are at risk, a populist revolt in the city may be triggered, and tax increases on the city’s elite may be necessary. If populism were to gain traction, it would pose a danger to the city’s elite, who have relied on the influx of low-wage workers to decrease the middle class’s economic and political influence.

Foreign illegal migrants are now overwhelming New York City’s government-funded shelters. President Joe Biden’s deputies have identified six low-income areas in New Jersey and New York as potential resettlement sites.

Democrats in the state legislature are well aware of the widespread public opposition to refugee resettlement and the history of failed attempts to implement it. Therefore, they are hesitant to allow the city’s Democrats to move their migrant issue, which was created by the city itself, prior to the 2024 elections.

When classes resume on September 7 in New York City, over 20,000 illegal migrant kids will become integrated into the city’s public school system. Unlike New York City schoolchildren, students won’t have to prove they’ve been vaccinated in order to enroll.