AOC Influence In Question After Her Backed Candidate Gets Clobbered

( It turns out that far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may not have quite as much sway over her party as she thought.

A Fox News report recently cast doubt over her influence over the party and its voter base, citing the victory of Eric Adams, a former police captain, in the race to become the Democratic party’s nominee for New York’s mayoral race. Adams epitomizes everything that AOC stands for – or at least, some of what she stands for. He’s a former member of the police and has promised to tackle crime, to whatever extent the Democratic Party will realistically allow him.

The fact that he won means that AOC’s message might not be quite as loud in New York as she’d home.

Fox News said that they had reached out to AOC’s office to get her thoughts on the race, but didn’t hear back. The news outlet asked AOC if it might impact any plans she had to run for Senate in the future.

AOC had thrown her weight behind Maya Wiley, a far-left candidate, and also listed Scott Stringer as her second favorite choice – but neither of those candidates even got through to the final round. The race ended up with Kathryn Garcia and Adams going head to head, with the former police officer ultimately succeeding.

It looks like even Democrats in New York are beginning to realize that defunding the police is a terrible idea.

AOC can rest assured that, at least for now, she is pretty popular in the district she represents. However, the mayoral race is a broad one and represents many different people from many different backgrounds.

Sadly, it’s pretty likely that Adams will win the race and become the next mayor – even if the Republican candidate was the founder of the Guardian Angels. But for now, the fact that AOC failed to get her chosen candidate nominated to become the next left-wing mayor of New York City could be a promising sign that all is not lost.