AOC Says Oil Is Linked To Mass Murder Of Minority Women

( The congenitally stupid Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed last week during a congressional hearing that there exists a direct link between fossil fuel extraction and indigenous women being murdered.

What now?

Before introducing a woman named Angel Charley, Ocasio-Cortez pointed out the “crisis of missing and murdered indigenous and black women” that is supposedly happening in the country. She said she wanted to discuss something “that is all too often overlooked,” namely, that “evidence” reveals a “very meaningful” correlation between “fossil fuel extraction sites” and this supposed epidemic of “abductions and murders of indigenous women.”

Correlation is not causation. Most people with a college education understand that. But Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does not.

The nitwit then asked this woman Angel Charley why there is such a “high correlation” between fossil fuel extraction and the abduction and murder of “native women.”

And, you guessed it, it’s because the fossil industry is made up of men.

This woman Angel Charley told Ocasio-Cortez that fossil fuel-extracting men create “man camps” right along the border of indigenous communities. And these man camps full of dirty, filthy oil workers must be preying on “our native women.”

“We know that when these man camps” pop up, Angel Charley explained, “there is an increase” in “sexual violence” against indigenous women.

“We know.”

Correlation is not causation.

But when all your other arguments for killing US energy independence fail to sway the public, you might as well shoot for the moon and claim oil workers in “man camps” are murdering “our native women.”