AOC Triggered by Pro-Gun Christmas Photo

( A couple of weeks ago, the usual pearl-clutchers on Twitter and in the media flew into a rage over Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie posting a Christmas photo of him and his family holding guns.

Massie tweeted the photo on December 4 adding “Merry Christmas! Ps. Santa, please bring ammo.”

The shrieks of outrage were instant, with anti-gun nuts blasting Massie for posting the picture just days after the Oxford, Michigan school shooting.

In a show of solidarity, Colorado Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert tweeted a photo of herself and her family standing in front of the Christmas tree holding guns. In her tweet, Boebert tagged Massie and added, “The Boeberts have your six.”

Naturally, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who always reacts to Lauren Boebert like a cat reacting to a can opener feigned outrage and expressed faux concern over Boebert besmirching the true meaning of Christmas. Because we all know how deeply religious Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is.

In a tweet responding to Lauren Boebert’s photo, Ocasio-Cortez demanded to know when Christ said the celebration of his birth should be used “to flex violent weapons for personal political gain.”

If AOC objects to Christ being invoked for personal political gain, maybe she shouldn’t be invoking Christ to score political points against Lauren Boebert.

Then again, self-awareness is not Alexandria’s strong suit.

Ocasio-Cortez then claimed that Republicans were hypocrites for spending years “on cultural hysteria” over erasing the meaning of Christmas, then she accused Republicans of erasing the meaning of Christmas by posing with guns.

The funny thing is, Ocasio-Cortez thought she made a terrific point. So too did her slobbering fans on Twitter and in the media. Her silly tweet was celebrated as a “clap-back” as if she scored some kind of rhetorical coup.

But she didn’t.

What Ocasio-Cortez tried to do is what Leftists do all the time. They try to use their enemy’s values against them. Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t care about Jesus Christ or Christmas. But she knows her enemies do, so she tried to use it against them.