AOC’s Gender Neutral Term To Describe Women Causes Outrage

( In case you missed it, we just wanted to remind you that far-left New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez genuinely believes that men can menstruate and give birth.


Last Tuesday, Ocasio-Cortez – known as “AOC” – appeared on Anderson Cooper’s CNN show to discuss the news that Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s comments about the new Texas Heartbeat Act. The legislation prohibits abortions in the state on fetuses that are more than six weeks old, and which have their own heartbeat.

Instead of recognizing the legislation as a powerful compromise between pro-life and pro-“choice” activists in America, AOC chose to mock and deride Governor Abbott by claiming that he was just trying to control “women’s bodies” and those of “any menstruating person.”

Newsflash, AOC. Only women menstruate.

She claimed that the bill is not about “supporting life,” which it is, but that Governor Abbott and Texas Republicans just want to control anybody who is not a “cisgender” man.

AOC did not provide evidence, however, that the Republicans have any reason to want to control people. Isn’t it entirely possible that AOC is gaslighting because it’s her and her colleagues who try and control the general population every single day?

What is forcing people to believe that men can menstruate, under the threat of being cast out of society if they don’t, if not controlling?

Conservative commentator and author Dana Loesch responded to the absolute insanity of AOC’s claims, noting how AOC was attacking women herself by denying their existence.

“Hard to argue that this is an attack on women when you simultaneously abort their existence with ‘menstruating person,’” she said.

Does any sane person really believe anything AOC says?

Does AOC even believe anything she says?