Army Of Monkey Strikes, Killing At Least One

( A farmer was killed while attempting to flee from a troop of 30 angry monkeys after they ambushed him.

On the evening of August 30, Horilal, 52, a resident of Baduan, was standing on the top of his home when the enraged primates charged at him.

He moved to flee the onslaught, and in an attempt to do so,  he fell from the roof and plunged to his death.

According to The Times of India, he was transported to a hospital by neighbors, but the staff there declared him dead. The following day, family members performed his cremation.

The victim’s relative stated: “Horilal died because of monkeys.”

The relative stated that the government needs to take action. They said more than 100 monkeys prey on our crops and homes every day.

According to recent reports, violent instances involving monkey assaults are on the rise.

When the primates attacked residents of three villages in Swarupnagar, they caused more than 50 injuries in Kolkata. And since July, monkey attacks have been responsible for three fatalities.

A young boy died on July 15 after a bunch of monkeys stole him from his father’s arms.

The primates in Bareilly threw the four-month-old off the roof of a home.

On July 30, a 35-year-old lady was bitten by a monkey and died two weeks later.

It follows other horrifying instances in 2021 in which vicious monkeys murdered 250 pets.

They dropped the animals from the tops of trees and buildings.

Residents of Majalgaon and Lavul villages claimed at the time that the violent acts were committed “in retaliation” for a band of canines killing one of the monkeys’ young.

In a different attack in 2020, a 13-year-old girl died after falling from a roof while being pursued by monkeys.

According to reports, the savage animals attacked her as she was gathering clothing drying on the roof of her home in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh.

She reportedly tried to flee but slipped and dropped from the rooftop.