Ashli Babbit’s Mother Turned Away From Courthouse For Having Photo Of Her Daughter

( Ashli Babbitt, a demonstrator on January 6, was shot and killed by Lt. Mike Byrd of the United States Capitol Police. Micki Witthoeft is the mother of Ashli Babbitt.

Byrd was never punished for the murder of Ashli, and he continues to roam the corridors of Congress with a weapon at the ready, just as eager, one presumes, to take another life.

Micki has been staging protests every night in front of the DC Gulag for the past thirty days. During her time in Washington, DC, she has also attended numerous trials for the defendants in the January 6 case.

A judge in DC barred Micki from entering the courtroom the previous week because she was donning a T-shirt that featured an image of her late daughter Ashli.

The officer advised her that it would not be permitted inside the courtroom because of the sensitive nature of the issue.

It was simply a picture of her daughter, who had passed away.

On Tuesday, The Gateway Pundit had a conversation with Micki regarding this most recent instance of abuse committed by DC law enforcement.

Witthoeft said when she returned on the second day to Simon’s trial (a January 6 defendant), she was met at the door by the bailiff who said they don’t allow flag banners or T-shirts with political slogans favoring one side or the other. That confused her because it wasn’t a jury trial. It was strictly a bench trial. And her shirt had a picture of her daughter, and it had her date of birth and date of death on it. They told her she couldn’t go in with that shirt on, so she asked if she could turn it inside out and go inside. So they said she could do that.

Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit asked Witthoeft what their argument was.
Witthoeft reiterated that they said no political banners, slogans, or t-shirts that favor one side or the other were allowed. She could not come in with that shirt, which simply had a picture of her daughter on it.

But, the only thing they had seen was the small picture on the front. They didn’t even know the photo on her back yet, which was really quite large.

Ashli was unarmed and posed no imminent threat of harm to anyone when she was shot at point-blank range by a coward.