At Least 8 Dead In Mass Shooting In California Despite Gun Laws

( A horrifying shooting that occurred on Wednesday in California revealed that Democrat plans to restrict Americans’ Second Amendment Rights and make it harder to defend oneself with guns could put millions of people in danger. A shooting at a railyard in San Jose left nine people dead, and multiple others with serious injuries.

The incident occurred at a Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority control center at roughly 6:30 AM.

Now that some days have gone by, more information has been revealed about the shooting and the shooter, who killed nine people before killing himself. Investigators are still attempting to determine a motive for his horrifying actions, but in the process of searching the home of shooter Sam Cassidy, over 22,000 rounds of ammunition along with around a dozen guns and Molotov cocktails were found at his home.

Remember that California is one of the stricter countries when it comes to gun laws. Controversial Democratic governor of the state Gavin Newsom published a long, defensive Twitter thread suggesting that his state’s gun laws really do work, adding that they “tragically cannot prevent all shootings.”

Which obviously, they can’t. California banned the sale of magazines with over 10 rounds in California in 2013, and possession of the magazines in 2016, so the gunman could have purchased them years ago and kept hold of them, bought them out of state, or purchased them on the black market.

Didn’t California’s leaders ever stop to think that criminals and murderers would simply break the law?

It was also illegal for the gunman to possess a gun while in a transit facility – another law the shooter ignored.

Based on evidence obtained so far, the local sheriff’s office said that the shooting was a planned event and that the shooter intended to take as many lives as he could. However, the motive has yet to be determined and investigations are ongoing.

Cassidy appears to have committed suicide as it became clear that officers were closing in on him.

Perhaps it’s time for California’s leaders to realize that criminals don’t abide by gun control laws.