Attorney Says Trump’s Indictment Coming Soon

( A former federal prosecutor believes that Donald Trump might “soon” face an official indictment from the Department of Justice as part of its investigation into whether the former president stored some classified documents improperly at his residence at Mar-a-Lago.

Trump is facing accusations that he removed many different classified documents from Washington when he left the White House back in 2021. The FBI raided Mar-a-Lago in August, seizing dozens of boxes of documents to help prove their case.

Through it all, Trump has maintained that he is completely innocent of all of the accusations. He has yet to face any formal charges in the case, though Cynthia Alksne, a former federal prosecutor, said recently she believes that could come soon.

Alksne, who now works as a legal analyst for MSNBC, appeared on “The Katie Phang Show” over the weekend. She said the DOJ could “soon” indict Trump, adding that she was hoping this would be handed down sometime in the next few months.

As she said:

“Well, I would guess that [an indictment] is going to come pretty soon. I mean, let’s face it — that’s an easy prosecution. You stole the documents. We’re asking for them. We ask you ‘pretty please.’ You said ‘no.’ You lied about it. You move them, and then we found them.”

The DOJ still has some work left to do so that they can craft a very strong argument in their case, Alksne said, which would include completely identifying the obstruction that Trump and his team are alleged to have committed. That being said, a prosecution could happen “at any time,” she said.

Alksne commented on the DOJ’s position by saying:

“They also have to figure out, now that they have the documents, were they shared with anybody and what exactly happened with them. And that may take some time.”

Another former prosecutor for the federal government, Gene Rossi, spoke with Newsweek over the weekend. He said the investigation into the classified documents is the most likely probe into Trump that could result in an indictment “relatively soon,” though he wasn’t sure when that could happen.

Rossi said:

“Although a mere mortal and average citizen would have been justly charged last summer, I do not believe that the alleged Mar-a-Lago charges will be revealed so quickly after Jack Smith arrived physically in the states. However, those charges will highly likely be presented this year to a grand jury.”

Rossi also agreed that the investigation into the classified documents could result in an easy win for the DOJ, saying that the former president handled some documents that were top secret “like a lottery ticket.”

He commented:

“I think it would be a prosecutor’s dream to present that to a trial jury. I think the evidence is very strong about his willfulness, his recklessness and his deliberate ignorance.”

In addition to this investigation into the classified documents, Trump is also facing federal and state probes into his business dealings as well as his potential involvement in election interference. He has yet to be formally charged in any of those cases as of yet.