Auditors Caught Tampering With Machine Data

( A forensic election audit that took place in Windham, New Hampshire, is now officially over, but late on Thursday, some incredible discoveries were made. Marilyn Todd, representing the New Hampshire Voter Integrity Group, revealed that something disturbing happened with the votes in her state.

As the machine reports were being printed out at the audit last Friday, Todd took photographs of them. Then, late on Thursday, she was looking at the photographs on her computer when she noticed something interesting. She told Professor David Clements during a live social media video discussion that the dates on the machines appeared to have been changed.

Todd, who is a financial audit, discovered eight lines on the machine reports that reveal how the session was started on 5/12/21, that the machine was then put into “Supervise Mode,” that there was a memory card reset, and there was a new session start also on 5/12/21, before the counters were cleared and there were two new session starts, dated 11/3/20 and 11/5/20.

Todd explained that a Windham auditor, Harri Hursti, had said that the memory card needed to be deleted as part of the audit – but that this wasn’t necessary at all.

You can see Hursti claiming in the video below that there was no evidence of fraud.

Todd said that looking further at the photographs of the machine report, she realized that Hursti had printed the reports from the machine after changing the date to 11/5/20, despite the machines needed to have been registered with the date of November 3 – the official date of the election.

She suggested that changed the date would have removed any algorithms that may have been on the devices on the day of the election.

You can read the full report here. We cannot verify the truth of the story, but it’s an incredible claim and there’s a lot of evidence there to support it, too.