AWFUL Meghan And Harry Since Multi-Year Netflix Deal

( Meghan Markle and former British royal Prince Harry have reportedly signed a multi-year deal with Netflix to produce a series of new shows. No word yet on what the shows will be, other than terrible.

The New York Times reported on Wednesday that the far-left American actress and her British husband, who abandoned the British royal family after enjoying a tax-payer funding wedding in England, signed a “megawatt” multi-year and multi-project deal – which almost certainly is also a multi-million dollar deal – to produce content for the popular online streaming service.

It’s the first big project for Harry and Meghan since they announced in February that they would be parting ways with the Royal Family. Initially, Markle attempted to continue using their royal Sussex titles as part of their branding, but Queen Elizabeth II put an end to that. Plans to use “Sussex” in their branding were immediately stopped when the Queen told them it would be inappropriate, given they had been stripped of their His and Her Royal Highness titles.

In August, the press reported how the couple were planning on making a living by giving speeches at major corporate events, but those plans have been put on hold owing to the fact that most major events aren’t going ahead as a result of the Chinese coronavirus.

The New York Times reported how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have founded an unnamed production company and have signed a deal with Netflix. They will reportedly be paid to make feature films, scripted shows, docu-series, documentaries, and even children’s programming.

Knowing how extremely left wing Meghan Markle is, would you trust her to produce TV content for your children to watch?

The value of the contract has yet to be revealed, but media reports suggest the couple are basing their plans on the approach taken by Barack and Michelle Obama, who signed a contract with Netflix in 2019.

Netflix said they are “incredibly proud” that Markle and Harry have chosen Netflix as their “creative home,” and that they are excited to be “telling stories with them.”

The question is…will people want to watch it? Markle isn’t exactly the most popular celeb in the United States, and British people aren’t too pleased with Prince Harry after he abandoned his duties as a senior member of the Royal Family. Many British pundits have also speculated that the pair may soon lose their Duke and Duchess titles, should the Queen choose to do so, based on their political activism in the United States.