Bannon Hails Jesse Watters, Tucker Carlson’s Ukraine Coverage, Says Rest of Fox News is For ‘Stupid People’

( Popular conservative podcaster and former advisor to President Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, recently heaped praise on Fox News anchor Jesse Watters for joining what he described as the “side of the angels.” Bannon, a staunch populist Republican, congratulated Watters for defending freedom and the rights of the American working class in a way similar to fellow Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson.

“The biggest development overnight was Jesse Watters is now on the side of the angels with Tucker Carlson,” Bannon said.

It’s good news for Watters, too. Not only is he popular with Bannon’s audience and America First Republicans, but his primetime show on Fox News is already one of the most popular on the entire network after only weeks on air.

“Jesse has done an incredible job and is obviously following the great Tucker Carlson so Fox now has two, Fox which is the home of stupid TV or TV for stupid people, and if you watch it, hey…sorry,” he said. “It’s just all day long ridiculous.”

Fox News is still the most popular news network in America and has been for 20 years of its 25 year-long life. However, the network lost some support among populist Republicans in the wake of the 2020 presidential election when it chose not to cover former President Donald Trump’s efforts to ensure election integrity.

On the topic of the war in Ukraine, Bannon told Watters to remember that the most “trigger happy” people are not journalists and left-wing Democrats, but elected senior Republicans.

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