Bernie Sanders’ Top Advisor Is Taking A New Job

( The senior foreign policy advisor for Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders will be leaving to join a think tank funded by Bernie’s arch-nemesis, Charles Koch.

Talk about irony.

Matt Duss, who has worked for Bernie since 2017, will be leaving to join the American Statecraft Program from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, which last year received a $4.5 million grant from the Charles Koch Foundation.

Duss, like Bernie, has been a vocal critic of the dreaded Koch Brothers, Charles and his late brother David, accusing the billionaires of using their billions to “buy elections” and install an “oligarchy” to push a “right-wing Koch brothers ideology.”

In June 2019, Sanders accused the Koch Brothers of trying to “buy the Democratic Party” and the 2020 election. He called on his supporters to stop the dreaded Koch Brothers by building a “grassroots progressive campaign that rejects their right-wing ideology.”

Like his boss, Duss also attacked the Koch Brothers as the evil masterminds behind the Republican Party.

But lately, Duss’ foreign policy views have become more aligned with those of Charles Koch, who has tried to unite the anti-military left with the isolationist right.

In 2019, Charles Koch teamed up with billionaire George Soros to launch the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, a think tank populated by anti-Israel cranks and Iran apologists. Quincy experts frequently promote diplomacy and concessions with Iran, China, and Vladimir Putin.

Quincy Institute is opposed to interventionist foreign policy, views that Matt Duss shares.

The fact is, Bernie Sanders’ view of the Koch Brothers as the Republican boogeymen du jour was never particularly accurate.

Charles Koch has far more in common with the likes of George Soros than he has with the modern Republican Party.

And in that respect, Matt Duss leaving Bernie’s office to join a think tank bankrolled by Koch makes all the sense in the world.