Betty White Did Not Die Of COVID Vaccine Booster

( Beloved television star Betty White died on New Year’s Eve at the age of 99. And because some people have to politicize absolutely everything, social media erupted with claims that White died from a reaction to the COVID booster shot.

Some people are just vile.

On Monday, White’s longtime friend and agent Jeff Witjas dismissed the ridiculous rumors, telling the New York Daily News the “died from a booster shot” claims were “100 percent not true.”

Betty White did not receive a booster shot just days before her death as the rumor mongers claimed, Witjas said. Her death at 99 was from natural causes.

The manufactured controversy started when people circulated a quote attributed to White that said, “Eat healthy and get all your vaccines. I just got boosted today.” This fake quote was supposedly said just three days before she died.

The phony quote included a link to an article in the Minnesota news outlet Crow River Media, which included the title, “Betty White: I’m lucky to still be in good health.” Nowhere in the article did White say anything about getting a booster shot.

Witjas said while he had no idea what Betty White’s overall vaccination status was, he told the Daily News he knew for a fact that the COVID booster had nothing to do with her death.

He expressed disgust that people were using Betty White to push their particular partisan bugaboo. Witjas said White was “never a political person” when she was alive and he didn’t think it was right for people to politicize her after her death.

Witjas also told the Daily News he worried that some people might be deterred from getting vaccinated because they believe the lie.

Well, yeah. That’s precisely why they did it.

Dancing on the graves of the dead to advance a political position has become commonplace in America today on both sides of the political spectrum.

Betty White would have turned 100 years old on January 17.