Biden Abandons U.S. Citizens In Sudan

Regardless of other nations’ ability to evacuate people from the war-ravaged country this week, reports indicate that the American government is abandoning thousands of Americans still in Sudan. The White House hasn’t provided much explanation beyond saying information suggested it would be too risky.

According to a report, countries including the Netherlands, the UK, Italy, France, Germany, and Spain have brought back their citizens from Sudan during the 72-hour truce mediated by the United States. American diplomats were safely evacuated, but the estimated 16,000 private citizens who call the country home were told by the CIA that it was too risky to try and leave.

Several U.S. citizens with fleeing relatives in Sudan say the government has been subpar.

Muna Daoud, the daughter of parents who are still trapped in Sudan, said that she is startled and appalled by the American attitude to the security of its countrymen.

Compared to how smaller countries handled it, the United States’ performance was shockingly poor.

One person told the media that it was puzzling that we are congratulating ourselves for getting those 70 diplomats out when other countries could acquire transportation to evacuate their people and make strategies to get their citizens out. 

According to the Daily Wire, the explanation is that the people working in the Biden administration are inept. This government values fairness more than performance. They aren’t concerned with protecting citizens or seeking their best interests. Their primary objective is to use the federal government to establish a socialist society based on racial and other fixed characteristics.

According to speculation, Biden isn’t in command, and his aides are preoccupied with trivial matters rather than doing their jobs. U.S. laggardness on this issue is so explained. Two U.S. citizens have been murdered in Sudan due to similar incompetence in recent weeks.

Multiple people CNN spoke with said the State Department has offered hardly any help for the Americans who want to leave Sudan since deadly violence broke out between the RSF (Rapid Support Forces) and SAF (Sudanese Armed Forces) two weeks ago.