Biden Asks Congress To Use Taxpayer Money To Flood America With Migrants

( First American taxpayers funded the Afghanistan war. Then they funded the Afghan civilian government and military. Thanks to the bungling withdrawal, taxpayer dollars have provided the Taliban with advanced weaponry. And now President Biden wants to squeeze another $6.4 billion out of already economically-strained taxpayers to fund the “multifaceted historic mission” of relocated the tens of thousands of unvetted Afghan “refugees” the US brought into the country.

On Tuesday, the White House presented a continuing resolution it is requesting Congress pass that would support the “necessary refugee resettlement operations” both here in the states and overseas. This continuing resolution would also provide disaster relief funding for forest fires and hurricanes – including $10 billion in funding for the damage from last week’s Hurricane Ida.

The money requested for Afghan refugees will be divided between the Department of Defense and the State Department: $2.4 billion to the DoD to “promote operational support at these bases as well as for military personnel;” and $1.3 billion to the State Department for “resettlement operational support.”

The “refugee” funding would also provide “humanitarian funding.” This includes $816 million for the US Agency for International Development, $193 million for US Citizenship and Immigration Services, and $1.7 billion for the Department of Health and Human Services.

In short, by finagling a seat on a plane out of Kabul, these unvetted Afghans just won the lotto courtesy of the American taxpayers.

One administration official claimed that this $6.4 billion is “certainly critical” to the “bipartisan commitment to our Afghan allies and partners” to “bring them to the United States.”

Only these tens of thousands of “refugees” aren’t those “Afghan allies and partners” for whom there was a “bipartisan commitment.” It was reported in the Wall Street Journal last week that the majority of Afghan allies and partners weren’t evacuated out of Afghanistan at all, but rather were left behind to their own fate.

The US evacuated a bunch of people that are a great big mystery. Yet now American taxpayers are expected to foot the bill for their housing, food, education, and medical care.

Just how much more money will be squeezed out of American taxpayers for that never-ending boondoggle in Afghanistan?