Biden Blames Republicans for Record-High Illegal Immigration

Joe Biden has accused Republicans in Congress of obstructing “border enforcement” and establishing a record amount of people illegally migrating to the country.

Thursday, the Senate voted 43 to 50 against a measure that would have allowed thousands of migrants to cross the U.S.-Mexico border while also expanding legal immigration.

This plan would have authorized the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to enforce border restrictions before allowing 35,000 migrant contacts at the border, raised yearly green card admissions by 50,000, and accelerated work permits for migrants released into the U.S. interior.

Biden said, audaciously, that Republicans are choosing to stand in the way of border enforcement and that they are uninterested in securing the border or fixing America’s broken immigration system in reaction to the Senate’s rejection of the plan.

The phrase “broken immigration system,“ in leftist-speak, has historically meant putting up impediments to open borders, amnesty, and enforcing border control.

Biden said keeping the United States a symbol of hope and opportunity and securing our borders are our two most pressing national priorities. He added that he would continue to take steps to fix the flawed immigration system in the U.S. today and every day.

The leadership of the House Republican group has documented sixty-four executive orders that the president has issued since assuming office in late January 2021, all of which have contributed to unprecedented amounts of illegal immigration, which Biden has now addressed.

Stopping all border wall construction, removing the Remain in Mexico policy, canceling cooperative effort agreements with Central America, establishing a parole pipeline for migrants seeking release into the U.S. interior, and repealing Title 42 are all part of these measures.

According to a recent assessment from the House Homeland Security Committee, there would be a record-breaking 10 million countrywide migrant interactions under Biden’s watch by the conclusion of Fiscal Year 2024.

Since Biden became president, the United States has confronted almost 9.5 million migrants at its borders. There have been around eight million of these interactions with migrants along the porous southern border, where new arrivals are released into the interior of the United States between 70 and 90 percent of the time.

Only the present government’s reluctance to control the southern border has changed the laws, which have been the same from administration to administration.