Biden Blocks Glenn Beck From Helping Afghanistan

( President Biden’s surrender to the Taliban was complete on Monday afternoon Eastern time. The President, however, didn’t emerge from whatever basement he was hiding in to announce that the withdrawal was over. Instead he relied on the Pentagon to break the news.

And in the Pentagon briefing, it was learned that, despite President Biden’s assurances that no Americans would be left behind, somewhere in the “low hundreds” were left behind. Also left behind were untold thousands of Afghans who, over the last twenty years, worked with the US and NATO forces in the war against the Taliban.

In order to help facilitate the evacuation of vulnerable Afghans, conservative radio host Glenn Beck was working with the Nazarene Fund to evacuate Afghan Christians. And last Thursday, Beck appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight where he said that the Nazarene Fund had evacuated 5,100 Christians and other refugees since Kabul fell.

However, Thursday morning shortly before the bombings, five hundred Afghan Christians who had made it to the airport in Kabul were ordered back outside the gates by officials.

Beck told Tucker that he believed the US State Department was blocking his efforts to rescue Afghan Christians who, if left behind, would be “burned alive or crucified” by the Taliban. He also maintained that the Biden State Department has been blocking their efforts “every step of the way,” adding that the biggest problem they’ve faced getting these people out has come from both the State Department and the White House.

Beck, who spoke to Tucker from an undisclosed location in the Middle East, said that two Middle Eastern countries have accepted the refugees the Nazarene Fund evacuated. Currently they were working on setting up refugee camps in these two countries. However, he refused to name which countries out of concern that the US government would meddle.

Beck told Tucker that it was his belief that what the US government was doing “is out and out evil.”

According to Christianity Today, Beck had raised nearly $30 million for the effort to rescue Afghan Christians. Among those who have donated to the effort was TV host Bill O’Reilly who made a “significant” contribution.

Beck told Tucker that he has received “an amazing outpouring” from countries willing to take these Afghan Christians, vowing that he would not leave anyone behind “ever, ever, ever.” Which is more than can be said for the US government.