Biden Bringing In New Staff To Havanna

( President Joe Biden or a representative of his administration is expected to announce a new plan to increase the skeletal staffing at the United States embassy in Havana, Cuba. It comes after former President Donald Trump purposely maintained a small staffing in the communist country.

People familiar with the expected announcement told. Reuters that the Biden administration’s goal is to ramp up visa processing at the U.S. Embassy, making it easier for people to leave the country and enter the United States.

The Biden administration’s planned announcement will dee additional consular officers sent to Havana, as the result of a year-long review of America’s policy on Cuba. It would be the first phase in easing restrictions on the number of visas granted to Cuban citizens put in place by former President Donald Trump.

Not only is President Joe Biden making it easy for Russia and China to invade sovereign territories and claim them as their own, but Biden also wants to make life easier for communists off the coast of the United States.

What could possibly go wrong?

During the Trump administration, embassy staff in Cuba was scaled back substantially. The decision was made after a number of “anomalous health incidents” were reported among American members of staff and members of the United States military. It later became known as “Havana Syndrome,” and nobody truly knows what is causing it. While Havana Syndrome remains unexplained, it still exists and has affected hundreds of American officials in recent years.

However, there have been no recent reports of Havana Syndrome in Havana, prompting the Biden administration to agree to send more American staff into the country to assist with the processing of visas for Cuban citizens. The processing of these visas was effectively halted throughout the entirety of the Trump administration.

What do you think…could this be a really terrible idea?

We’ll report back when an official announcement is made.