Biden Calls For Union Deals Nationwide

In an Illinois car factory, President Joe Biden gave a speech to a group of the United Auto Workers, where he advocated for unionization throughout the auto sector and supported the larger labor movement.

Wearing a red T-shirt with the UAW insignia, Biden praised the union members for their 46-day strike protesting the automakers, which resulted in preliminary deals last month.

According to reports, he autoworkers’ strike of the Big 3 U.S. automakers brought attention to an issue experienced by workers throughout the country: The salary disparities between CEOs and workers.

UAW workers wanted a 46% increase over four years. The union claimed the planned pay hike slightly surpasses the 40% CEO income growth at the Big 3: General Motors, Stellantis, and Ford. The group claimed autoworkers’ average salary at those businesses grew 6%.

UAW President Shawn Fain was thrown into the national limelight and received support in public polls due to the work stoppage. It was ended by the preliminary settlements that must be confirmed by the union members at each of the individual carmakers.

A 25% pay rise over four years, better pensions, and the ability to protest factory closures were all part of the tentative deals with GM, Ford, and Stellantis.

Stellantis has agreed to restart the Belvidere assembly facility, which Biden visited as part of the proposed accord ending the strike.

When production stopped in February, around 1,300 people lost their employment at the facility. The agreement to restart the facility might result in the creation of up to three thousand jobs in Belvidere.

The 2024 presidential election is almost a year from now, and recent polls predict that former President Donald Trump and Biden will once again face off.

This week, an ABC News/Ipsos survey found that economic and inflationary concerns were the most important to American adults.

The survey found that Americans had greater faith in Republicans than Democrats to handle the economy (35% vs. 25%) and immigration policy (65% vs. 33%). They have more faith in Republicans to effectively deal with inflation (35%-21%).