Biden Calls His Granddaughter His “Son Beau”

( During President Biden’s latest weekend getaway at his Rehoboth Beach vacation home, reporters caught up with him on Monday while he was spending time on the beach with his family.

Foremost in the reporters’ minds was the current state of the US economy and fears that the country will soon be heading into a recession.

One reporter cited a recent Wall Street Journal report about a survey that found economists believe there is a 44 percent chance of a recession.

A churlish Biden defensively claimed that the majority of economists don’t believe we’re heading into a recession. He told the reporter not to make things up, adding “now you sound like a Republican politician.”

Before reporters could trouble old Joe any further, his daughter and granddaughter broke up the scrum to pull Peepaw away.

But that’s the Biden family’s job, isn’t it? Protect old Joe from press scrutiny when a staffer dressed as the Easter Bunny isn’t around to do it for them.

For a White House completely obsessed with Optics, it is odd that none of Joe’s handlers stopped to consider how bad it looks to have the President dismissing America’s economic woes while enjoying a little fun in the sun on another weekend beach vacation.