Biden Campaign Official REFUSES To Answer Whether Biden Uses Teleprompter During Interviews

( At this point, we all know that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden uses teleprompters during live interviews and question-and-answer sessions, but we’ve also seen that the Democrats try to make it look like he isn’t. So during an interview with Fox News with anchor Brett Baier, Biden’s press secretary T.J. Ducklo refused to answer a very direct question about the practice.

“Has Joe Biden ever used a teleprompter during local interviews or to answer Q&A with supporters?” Baier asked Ducklo.

It prompted an awkward response, with Ducklo appearing visibly shaken and nervous, shrugging his shoulders around and smiling as he refused to answer the question. He accused Baier of parroting Republican and Trump campaign lines, to which the Fox News anchor agreed, and said that’s why he asked.

“Bret, we’re not going to eng…this is, this is straight from the Trump campaign talking points,” he said.

“Well yeah, they’re using it,” Baier said in response.

Ducklo then entered into what appeared to be pre-prepared lines about how the Republicans are really just trying to distract from the issues, while he himself tried to distract from the fact that Biden doesn’t appear to be capable of answering questions without the help of a teleprompter.

“And what it does, and what it does, Bret, is it’s trying to distract the American people,” he said.

Baier prompted again, asking if he’ll say “yes or no,” but Ducklo refused again.

“They talk about it every day Breit because they don’t have a coherent strategy,” he said.

When he refused to stop ranting, Baier said, “I understand, but you can’t answer the question.”

Needless to say, the question wasn’t answered during the interview – suggesting it probably is the case that Biden uses teleprompters even during Q&A sessions.

Interestingly, though, Ducklo used his time on Fox News to push a conspiracy theory. He claimed that the Trump campaign was using Fox News as a surrogate, funneling their questions through Bret Baier. There is no evidence that this is the case, and the more likely explanation is that Baier – a journalist and news anchor – has heard these accusations made about Biden and wanted to find out if they were true or not.

And it looks like the Democratic campaign doesn’t want to answer them. So I guess we’ll just have to go off the huge number of videos of Biden getting confused during conversations with the press and even indicating to his handlers that they need to move the teleprompter up so he can continue speaking.

We have our answer already.