Biden Campaign Targets Trump in Mother’s Day Ad

Political tensions rise as the Biden Campaign attacks presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump with a Mother’s Day ad centered around doing mothers across America a, “favor” by not voting for Donald Trump. Following the airing of the ad, Trump’s team blasted Biden for releasing an attack ad on what is known as a peaceful holiday.

The attack ad, which was released this past Sunday, asked the American people to think about the moms in their lives and save them trouble by not voting for Trump in the upcoming presidential election. Along with the ad, the Biden campaign released a press statement claiming voters should “stop” Trump if they want what is best for their mothers.

The ad was also released on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter. The advertisement was a 41-second video listing many reasons why mothers across America don’t need Trump back in office. The video starts by stating that families depend on mothers and that those same mothers deserve a leader that they can depend on to protect their rights, lower their living costs, and fight for mothers. The ad then stated that Trump only cares about himself and not mothers and their families across the country.

The video further stated that Americans, in general, will suffer from another Trump election victory, but that mothers would suffer the most. Following this, the ad went into detail about how under Trump, the American government will have access to monitor women’s pregnancies, punish them for abortions, as well as separate mothers from their children. The ad ended by that President Biden is fighting to bring back the Child Tax Credit to help families financially.

In response to the ad, Trump spoke to Fox News stating that he thought the ad was “miserable and cowardly”. Trump bashed the Biden campaign by claiming they must be very hateful to release such an ad on such a “joyous” day.