Biden Challenger Predicts What Young People Will Do If Biden Is Nominee

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden finally made his 2024 reelection bid official, releasing a video asking voters to let him “finish this job.” But his quest for a second term was met with harsh criticism from within the Democrat Party, particularly from the two declared challengers in the race.

Marianne Williamson, who announced her challenge for the Democrat nomination in early March, warned in an interview on Tuesday that if Joe Biden is the Democrat nominee in 2024, “droves” of younger voters will sit out the election.

Williamson told The HillTV’s “Rising,” that the “younger generation” will “stay home in droves” after seeing the “administration’s pitch” to voters in Biden’s campaign video. She said the campaign announcement shows an administration that is out of touch with the American people.

Williamson questioned how Biden could boast about giving everyone “a fair shot” when he has failed to raise the minimum wage, won’t make the child tax credit permanent, and stood against the railroad workers union.

Despite two candidates challenging Biden for the nomination, the Democrat National Committee has already announced that there would be no debates during the primary, a decision that does not sit well with Biden’s challengers.

In a tweet on Monday, Williamson slammed the DNC for its decision, arguing that the party is acting as if no other Democrat is vying for the nomination and “no other ideas” on repairing the country that should be debated.

Biden’s other official challenger, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., also criticized the DNC for not holding debates during a recent interview with Breitbart News Sunday.

Kennedy argued that at a time when many Americans are concerned about the integrity of our elections, the Democrat Party should be doing everything it can to show that the primary system is not rigged. He said in a true democracy, candidates should be able to debate so the voters can “see them.”

A poll released by NBC News over the weekend found that 70 percent of respondents, including 51 percent of Democrats, do not want Joe Biden to run for reelection.

Half of those believe that Biden, who will be 82 in November 2024, is too old to serve for another four years.