Biden Child Video Causes Optics Concerns Online

President Joe Biden continues to be his own worst enemy. From endless speech gaffs to inappropriate touching of females, a new video with two children has surfaced. 

The White House has an annual “Bring Your Child to Work Day,” and many children were on hand. A young girl attending the White House event asked about Biden’s trip to Poland, and he asked her to come closer, which she did, accompanied by her young brother. 

Biden took both children by the hand and led them into the Oval Office. This would have been seen as reasonably innocent if not for an overwhelming amount of footage of Biden being overly friendly with youngsters and women. 

This isn’t the president’s first run-in with kids on “Bring Your Child to Work Day.” A young girl refused to go into the White House with the president. 

In an event in Nevada in 2020, former Vice President Biden was hit with an allegation that he seriously violated the personal space of Lucy Flores, a state Democrat lawmaker, and how uncomfortable he made her feel.

She said she felt Biden getting closer behind her, and then he sniffed her hair. She was “embarrassed and confused because she hadn’t washed her hair that morning, and why was he smelling my hair.” Biden then gave her a “big slow kiss” on the back of her head. 

Biden was forced to give a less than formal apology for his strange behavior, saying he realized that social norms have been changing and his way of connecting with others is no longer in vogue. He assured Twitter viewers that he would be more mindful of the personal space of others in the future. 

During a Biden speech that failed to mention the Russian spy balloon, he took the opportunity to leave the stage and bring a young girl up on stage with him, which many observers thought was bizarre behavior based on his history.