Biden Claims He Was A Professor, But Never Taught A Class

( Among the many lies Joe Biden routinely tells in his public remarks is his false claim that he was a full professor after he left the Obama administration.

Joe’s “I was a professor” lie has cropped up multiple times both during his presidential campaign and since he took office.

Much like the “I was arrested while trying to visit Nelson Mandela in prison” lie, it doesn’t matter how many times the “I was a professor” lie gets fact-checked as false. Joe Biden will continue to tell it, especially when speaking to college students.

Last week, Joe was in New Mexico campaigning for Democrats when once again, he claimed he was a college professor.

Speaking at Albuquerque’s Central New Mexico Community College, Joe slipped in his lie in the middle of boasting about how much time he has spent with China’s Xi Jinping. He explained that he spent more time with Xi than another other world leader has when he was vice president “and when I was out of office for four years and I was a professor, and now president.”

Only Joe Biden was never officially a professor.

It is and has always been a lie.

After he left the vice presidency, the University of Pennsylvania gave Biden the ceremonial title Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice Professor in 2017.

In this symbolic position, Joe Biden taught zero classes.

Instead, Penn paid him $776,527 over two years and all Joe did for that money was make four speeches.

That’s it. That’s all he did.

No wonder college tuition is so high.

In a scathing 2019 article at Philly Magazine about UPenn paying Joe Biden so much to do so little, a spokesman for the university described Biden’s largely ceremonial role as “global outreach” and “sharing his wisdom and insights” through “seminars, talks and classroom visits.”

What it didn’t include is teaching classes.

Even Philly Magazine concluded that Joe Biden’s “professorship” is nothing more than a speaking residency. The article noted that Biden is on campus so rarely “that it becomes news when he actually is there.”