Biden Claims His Poor Ratings Are Because Americans Have Bad “Mental Health”

( President Joe Biden wants you to know that the only reason you think the economy is in the toilet is that you’re crazy.

In a rare one-on-one interview with a news reporter rather than a late-night host, Biden sat down with the Associated Press White House Correspondent Josh Boak last week where he explained that the COVID pandemic has caused an explosion in mental health issues, and now Americans are just “really, really down.”

So, see, it isn’t that his policies have turned our economy into a smoldering wreck, sent consumer prices skyrocketing, and ushered in the highest inflation in four decades.

Nope. Old Joe has done magical, wonderful things to “rescue” our economy. Unfortunately, Americans are just too crippled with mental health problems to see past their own emotional instability to notice how lucky we all are to have Joe Biden leading us.

The entire interview is a repackaging of Biden’s myriad of excuses and blame-shifting to explain away his failures.

Once again, he denied that flooding an already recovering economy with $1.9 trillion in government spending caused inflation to heat up like a house on fire, telling Josh Boak that there is “zero evidence” that his American Rescue Plan kickstarted inflation.

But since high school students were unable to have proms or graduation ceremonies because of the pandemic, we’re all just so depressed and crippled by “psychological trauma,” we can’t see the economic recovery old Joe delivered.

So what’s Biden’s advice?

Just be confident because he is confident.

Of course, in July 2021, Joe Biden was also confident that inflation was “transitory” and gas prices would be going down in 2022.

He told Josh Boak that, thanks to Joe Biden, the United States is “better positioned than any country in the world to own the second quarter of the 21st Century.”

Yes, nothing better positions a country to own 2026 to 2050 better than spending 2022 begging other countries to drill for oil and ship us baby formula.