Biden Classroom Gets Awkward As Children Expose Virtual Learning

( A classroom photo op went wrong for President Joe Biden this week, with students answering him extremely honestly about how virtual learning works for them. President Biden and his wife Jill Biden appeared at the front of a classroom to ask pupils about their experience learning online during the COVID pandemic.

Yorktown Elementary School is open four days per week now, but students stay at home on Wednesday and study online while the classrooms are being cleaned.

One student told the president that studying from home meant that “if we were really tired, we could take a little nap.”


Another child told him, “sometimes when Ms. B was like paying attention to something else you could eat and it was fun.”

Yikes. That’s not how school is supposed to work, is it?

Notice also in the clip above how the teachers wrote “Welcome President Biden and Dr. Biden,” rather than “First Lady Jill Biden.”

Boy, they really are clinging on to her non-medical doctorate in “educational leadership” from the University of Delaware, aren’t they?

During the trip, Biden looked lost as he wandered around the classroom, and pretended to take interest in the science projects they’d recently been tasked to work on.

When Biden asked students what they thought of virtual learning – something that he and his Democratic Party strongly advocated for throughout 2020.

“It was OK,” one pupil said, while another told “Dr.” Jill Biden that she “didn’t like virtual” and that “it was terrible.”

President Biden’s social media team published a photograph of Jill Biden talking to one of the students, with a message saying that “teachers have gone above and beyond to help children learn through the pandemic.”

Were they going above and beyond when teachers unions were refusing to go back to work this year?